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Friday, 13 December 2013

Top Reasons Why and When to Use Your Current Hotel Status to Get More

Earlier, I posted about how to get Hilton Honours Gold status by fast tracking through special offers.  This can save you thousands on your way to getting the perks of elite statuses. 

However, what else besides gold status do you earn with this offer?  You earn the potential to get status with lots of other hotel chains! 

I've used statusmatcher.com to upgrade my status with other chains once I've achieved it with at least one chain.  I started with Hilton Honours Gold and went from there.

Our Upgraded Room - Due to Status!


Once you have status with 1 hotel chain, some other chains will allow you to status match.  Now, this is usually a one-off offer, meaning once you use it you won't be able to do it again until you actually earn status, through many stays, like 20, 30, or 40 nights.  So, it can be important depending on where you are planning to stay during the period that you have status.  

That is why it can be important to time things well.

We'll assume you've already gotten Hilton Honours Gold status.  If you'd gotten it this month, you'll have it until the end of 2015.  

So besides the free breakfast, free internet, room upgrades, and other perks, can the Hilton Gold status get you?

You may decide that you may not want to status with another chain until you really need it.  So, assume you are not planning to stay at a Hyatt hotel until 2016.  You'd be best to wait until the end of 2015 to request a status match at Hyatt Diamond, to your Hilton Gold.  Hyatt Diamond entitles you to free breakfast, lounge access, internet, and late check-out, among other things.  Timing it well gives you Hyatt status for all of 2016.

Of course you could request a status match at any time, but this helps you to see that timing is important if you are planning a stay at a chain and want to leverage your current status with some other chain.


Once you have status with one chain you can leverage it to get it with selected other chains.   How easy is it and how do you do it?

It is very easy!

The simplest way to do it is explore the statusmatcher.com website.

In the Hotels Tab, Search for Hilton
From the homepage, hover over the Hotels tab, until you see Hilton.  This will take you to the Hilton program overview.  You will see what your gold status already includes, like breakfast, internet, late check-out, etc.  

Scroll down until you see the area which shows reports for leveraging Hilton status to gain status with other chains.

Peruse the Submitted Results from Other Users
From here you can determine which other chains you might want to get status with.  Again, it depends on where you plan to stay in upcoming months/years, if you plan that far ahead.

In the above screen shot you can see easily that Hilton Gold has gotten other users in recent weeks, the following statuses: IHG Platinum, Best Western Diamond, Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond, and a Marriott challenge (where the Marriott chain offers you status for a lower threshold of stays then usual, since you hold current Hilton Gold status).  

In the most recent report of December 7th, user Ben has gotten IHG Platinum status (for hotels like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental, and others) with his Hilton status.  If you want further information click into his report, as shown below.

The User Reported He Only Had to Send a Screenshot With His Hilton Gold Status to IHG
What can IHG Platinum get you?  Scroll down further and you'll see:

IHG Platinum Status - Internet, Late Check-Out, Upgrades, and More
So it's not too hard to gain status with other chains, as long as you know how and when it is best to do it.  It can pay off well with lots of perks you'd otherwise miss out on!  


If you'd like to leverage any existing status you have with a hotel chain, be sure to investigate what other users are reporting via statusmatcher.com.  With just a few minutes of your time you'll be staying far more comfortably, and spending next to nothing to get it, and Traveling Better, Traveling for Less.  

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