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Monday, 6 January 2014

Buy Frontier Miles and See the US for Cheap(er)

Frontier Airlines serves many major US cities in lots of states, though not all.  But they do cover most of the ones you'd want to visit, such as New York, Texas, Florida, and many, many more.

Of note is that they fly to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Alaska, at far lower redemption prices than other major airlines.  This is an award sweet spot for buying and redeeming miles, and especially when they are running discounted points sales, like now until 14 January, 2014.

Check out their route map if you want to see exactly where they fly.  

Currently Points.com is running a promotion to sell Frontier miles for US$.0179 each.  This means that you could fly from any one of their US locations, to any other, for US$181, and return for $362.  Nice!  Including Alaska!

A ticket to Alaska usually sets you back US$400 one-way from most cities in the US.  

I did a cost analysis to buy points with the current promotion, on a trip from:
New York to Alaska, on to Florida, and back again to New York.

A trip to those 3 locations would cost you +US$1,000 cash or more.  

But to buy 30,000 points right now, which would take you to those same 3 places, would cost you just US$591.  

If you have any future trips coming up to the US, buy points now so you can save money later.

Hat Tip to MileValue.

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