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Monday, 23 December 2013

Lots of Velocity Award Space in January 2014

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With points and cheap deals we've been able to see many more places than we could have otherwise afforded on our small budget.  Recently, I've highlighted some perks of the Velocity Escape card, and Gold card, which if approved for both would give you enough points for a return ticket between heaps of cities, including Melbourne and the Gold Coast. 

If you already have points with Velocity, you could cash in now for some getaways if you live in either of those cities, or others.  Since lots of folks want to get away this time of the year, if you haven't already made plans, there is plenty of availability to cash in your points for flights if you still want to get out of town. 

Just a Few of the More Than 9 Flights Using Points This Friday 27 December and Tuesday 7 January
There are no less than 9 low-level points flights available between Melbourne and the Gold Coast when I searched Friday 27 December and Tuesday 7 January.  I noticed lots of other days and flights available, but this is to just a sampling of what is still left.

If you'd gotten the Escape with no fee, and the Gold card which costs $99, you'd have over 27,000 points.

The points and fees between Melbourne and the Gold Coast run around ~24,200 and $17.  So for the $99 for the Gold card, plus the $17 to get to/from the Gold Coast and Melbourne, you'd be paying all up $116.

Paid flights for the exact same itinerary and days would run $518 right now, a difference of $402!  With just a little planning, if you don't have the points now, sign up and get the Escape and Gold cards so you can save yourself $402 for the next time.

If you haven't already got points in stock, this highlights why it is good to begin planning now so in future you'd not left forking out lots of dough to plan a last-minute getaway!

I had a look through TripAdvisor and Expedia to see about available hotels and holiday rentals.  There are no less than 71 holiday rentals still available in Melbourne, and 209 on the Gold Coast.  So there is no shortage of private places to stay.  And surprisingly even this late in the season there are still plenty of hotels with openings as well with good prices.


All in all this highlights why it is good to stock up, so that when you need a last-minute getaway you're not shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars, but instead just cashing in some points and saving your money!  

This shows why the motto here is Travel Better.  Travel for (a lot) Less.

Apply Now

  • $99 signup fee, $199 fee after 1st year. 
  • 15,000 20,000! points for spending $500 within 90 days; for a total of 20,500 points. 
  • Also, when redeeming for a flight you get one free checked bag ($30 value).  
  • Must not have been a previous card holder of this product or any AMEX card in the past 12 months. 
  • Comes with 2 complimentary passes to the Virgin lounge.  Depending on how valuable these are to you (normally $65/person) this card rises in value. 
  • Earn up to 2 Velocity Points for every $1 spent on your Card with Major supermarket and petrol stations in Australia
  • Earn up to 2 Velocity Points for every $1 spent on your Card with Virgin Australia and 1 Point for every $1 spent everywhere else.
  • Must have an income of $40,000.
  • Sample redemption 20,500 miles, on a return flight leaving in a fortnight:
    • Brisbane to Adelaide (18,400 points + $42 fees) Paid ticket costs $330.
    • Brisbane to Hobart (18,400 points + $29 fees) Paid ticket costs $399.
    • Sydney to Townsville (20,600 points + $17) Paid ticket costs $398.

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