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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Why the Virgin Velocity Escape Card is a Bargain

On my credit card page, you can compare various cards which give back free or cheap flights, along with my review of them.  Some of the cards also give free lounge entry, extra points for daily purchases, and free checked luggage. 

Which of the cards is best, if you are starting into the points world, or don't want to spend much? 

The American Express Velocity Escape card 

With this card there is no annual fee, and no signup fee.  Quite a bargain if you want totally free travel.  Once you spend $300, you receive 7,500 Velocity points, which along with the $300 you spent gives you a total of 7,800 points.

Where can this card get you to?  There are lots of city options, but some samples are below.

A one-way FREE flight with a free checked bag, versus a paid flight with a paid checked bag:
  • Perth to Esperance (5,800 points + $45 fees) Paid ticket costs $200.
  • Melbourne to Sydney (7,800 points + $0 fees) Paid ticket costs $129.
  • Sydney to Sunshine Coast (5,800 points + $20) Paid ticket costs $115.

What are the requirements for the free flight, after getting the card?

You must spend $300 within 90 days of being approved for the card.  Most of us will not have any trouble doing that.  Think: grocery shopping, petrol, other bills, etc. 

I have the card and the bonus points posted immediately at the close of statement, once I'd spent the $300. 

The beauty of the card is that if you get another Velocity branded card you can add to your stash of points to redeem for even bigger awards!  The will be the subject of a later post. 

Since the promotional signup period is good until 31 January, 2014, you still have a few months to get it, if you still need to make up your mind! 

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