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Saturday, 30 November 2013

AirAsia Cheap Holiday Flights - Now

If the post from a couple days ago got you thinking about a holiday in Asia you should know that AirAsia has some great incredible deals right now.

If you're still trying to decide what do in December, or January, there are still some great deals to be had, if you don't already have Qantas or Velocity points to redeem for a trip.  

Traveling With My Wife's Parents to China on Airasia

Now, you may be thinking, "AirAsia is a budget airline!"  Yes, but we've found incredible value over the years traveling with them.  While we love getting to travel on fancy, free flights, we'll take the cheap ones too, if they still offer value for money.  In fact, we've often gotten an entire row when flying the longer flights with budget airlines.  We've done well over 40 flight segments with AirAsia, and gotten an entire row (3 seats) for both my wife, and myself, at least 50% of the time. 

When we last flew Qantas we had to admit, though they were comfortable and we loved getting to ride in an A380, their planes have been PACKED of late.  

Flying an A380 a Few Months Ago, Brisbane - Los Angeles, Nice but Packed!
On the other hand, if you don't mind trying a budget airline, you will find AirAsia has brand new planes, a great on-time record, and friendly staff. 


Right now there are some great deals in very late December, through to most of January, from all the cities in Australia where they fly.

There is no easy way to search lowest prices for the airline.  Some travel sites used to load week or month calendars, showing which flight days were cheapest, but I've noticed those external sites don't seem to show anymore.  You'll have to go to Airasia site itself. 

Punch in your dates, and then start choosing different days and reloading, you can scan all prices for January within 5 minutes.  Some sample return prices I found:

Adelaide - Kuala Lumpur - $510
Darwin - Bali - $378
Gold Coast - Bangkok - $560
Perth - Kuala Lumpur - $490
Sydney - Kuala Lumpur - $690

The closest prices on other airlines like Malaysia, Qantas, Jetstar, and others is around double.  


If you want to get away for a last-minute trip to Asia next month or January, think about trying Airasia.  We've found them to be adequate and worth saving $500 or more per person.  That way we can save our money and spend it getting massages, relaxing, or whatever, in Asia itself!  

Plus, if you've got your new American Express Velocity Gold Card, you'll easily meet the minimum $500 spend when you use it to go to Asia, thus giving you another flight later on back in Australia.

There will be a comprehensive series in the future covering everything about the best way to get benefit from budget airlines, and still Travel Better..Travel for Less.

Have you got any other tips you've used to get to Asia for a bargain?

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